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Library Policies: Patron Code of Conduct

Patron Code of Conduct


Forefront is a special library that also services the public.  Library patrons shall be engaged in normal activities associated with the use of a public library while at Forefront.  In keeping with the Library's commitment to customer service and the provision of a safe and inviting atmosphere that is conducive for research, guidelines have been developed to define those activities that are prohibited.   Disruptive behavior on the part of a Library patron may result in the suspension or limited use of an individual's Library privileges.



  • Respect the personal space of other patrons, and network in a respectful manner. See our non-solicitation policy for networking guidelines.
  • Set cell phones and other devices to silent mode. Make brief, quiet calls in the hallway.
  • Make sure no one else can hear your music or other sounds from a device, with or without headphones.
  • Eat only in areas designated by Library staff and use securely covered containers for beverages, except where signs prohibit drinks.
  • Use computing resources in a manner consistent with the research goals of the Library and in compliance with and state and federal laws.
  • Keep your personal belongings in your possession at all times.
  • Respond to emergency alarms and other situations as instructed by Library staff.
  • Report to Library staff any criminal behavior you observe.

Do not:

  • Engage in loud conversation or laughter that is disturbing to others.
  • Use obscene or abusive language.
  • Engage in hostile behavior, including but not limited to fighting, threatening, intimidating, or abusing Library staff or patrons.
  • Bring any animal other than a service animal into the Library.
  • Smoke or use any tobacco product or e-cigarettes in the Library.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages. 
  • Move, repair, reconfigure, modify, or attach external devices other than storage devices to any Library computer.
  • Bring firearms in to the Library.
  • Leave children in the Library who are not properly supervised by an adult patron.
  • Solicit funds or business in the Library.