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Library Policies: Accessibility



The Library is committed to providing access to our collections and services in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Library makes materials accessible to patrons in a variety of formats and with accommodations, as long as the modified formats and accommodations are reasonable, do not fundamentally alter the Library’s services, and do not place an undue burden on the Library.

Our policy is to provide, whenever possible, arrangements that enable library users with disabilities to work independently.  Library staff will attempt to accommodate the needs of users who identify as having a disability.  Requests for assistance are confidential.

Reference Service

Library staff will read brief sections from reference materials or databases to face-to-face Library patrons as time permits and within the scope of our reference and instruction services.  Library staff are unable to provide note-taking, form completion, or extensive reading.

Retrieval of Print Materials

Library staff are available to retrieve print materials from shelves for patrons who are unable to do so.


The Library provides a photocopier for public use in the Library.  Library staff are available to provide assistance to patrons who require it.

Public Access Computers

The public access computer table is wheelchair accessible. 

Adaptive Technology

The Library will make reasonable efforts to facilitate the use of assistive devices that enable persons with disabilities to use the Library's services.  Technologies may include a handheld magnifier and a screen reader for computers.

The Library also recognizes that accessibility can be achieved and provided in different ways.  Persons with disabilities may use personal assistive devices while accessing the Library, unless there is a health and safety risk.

Service Animals

The Library welcomes service animals that are needed to assist patrons with disabilities.