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Catholic Funding Guide Online Tutorial: CFGO Overview

About This Section: CFGO Overview


In this section, we will review basic information about The Catholic Funding Guide Online.

Learning Objective

After completing this section, you will be able to summarize the categories of funders and describe the source of information in CFGO .

About The Catholic Funding Guide Online

"The Catholic Funding Guide Online is a subscription resource providing essential information on grantmakers that have demonstrated a consistent pattern of interest in Catholic sponsored projects and institutions."  The CFGO includes private foundations, church-based grants programs, foundations sponsored by religious communities, and international funding agencies.

Source:  CFGO



Are foundations the only category of funder in The Catholic Funding Guide Online?

The Catholic Funding Guide Online provides a range of grantmaking sources including church based agencies such as those under the sponsorship of the U.S. bishops, religious orders, the Vatican, Catholic healthcare systems, fraternal groups, international Catholic funding agencies and more.

What is the source of the information in The Catholic Funding Guide Online?

Researchers for The Catholic Funding Guide Online use public records, including IRS Form 990 for grantmaking organizations. Some information is gathered through printed annual reports, websites and updates from grantmakers. Every effort is made to insure accuracy including prepublication mailings to grantmakers offering them the opportunity to update their information.

Source:  CFGO