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Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices: Communications and Disclosure


8. The organization maintains appropriate cybersecurity safeguards, including with respect to protected or confidential information; ensures that its intellectual property is used solely in furtherance of its mission; and responds to online and third-party reputational risks.

Solicitation Policies

11. Nonprofits that raise funds from the public or from donor institutions maintain solicitation policies that reflect the organization's mission and use of solicited funds.

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Information Retention and Disposal

9. The nonprofit responsibly collects, maintains, and properly disposes of personally identifiable information received from donors, employees, volunteers, and clients.

Transparent Communications

10. The nonprofit embraces transparency and accountability by making information about its mission, program activities and outcomes, and finances available to the public and communicates in a clear, timely, and proactive manner.

Grantmaking Guidelines

12. Grantmaking nonprofits establish, follow, and clearly communicate processes for receiving, reviewing, and acting on grant applications, and for monitoring and evaluating grants made; and act fairly and responsibly in considering the funding needs of potential grantees.