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NOZA Tutorial: Individual Donors

Search by Individual Donor Name

Search by donor name:

  • Select the Individual/Corporate tab.
  • Enter a name in the donor name field.
  • If too many results are presented, refine your search with initials and suffixes.
  • You also can narrow your searches by the gift date.
  • If you know the spouse name, search by his or her name as well.
  • Search using nicknames that your prospect may use.

Source: Blackbaud

Search by Individual Donor Name

You also can narrow your searches by the gift date.

If your results list is still too long, limit your search to only the cities or states where you know your prospect has lived, on the chance he makes donations to organizations located there.  Please remember that address fields in NOZA are for the recipient organizations, not the donors.

You can select, save or export a maximum of 1,000 records per search. If your search resulted in more than 1,000 records, consider refining your search criteria to reduce the number of records located.