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Social Enterprises: IL Workforce Development-Focused Social Enterprises

About the Report

In 2016, with support from the REDF, Delta Institute, in partnership with Forefront, conducted research on the social enterprise sector in Illinois with a specific focus on workforce development enterprises.  This analysis combined a more careful review of the data collected by Delta Institute for “Current Conditions for the Nonprofit-Led Social Enterprise Community in Illinois” with a review of the Internal Revenue Service 990 form for that organization, a form required of organizations exempt from income tax for organizations with annual receipts of more than $100,000 or total assets more than $250,000.

This review resulted in a catalog of workforce development-focused social enterprises, including the following information:

  • Name of enterprise, industry, location, and years in business;
  • Key contact;
  • History, including information on parent, capital, and funding sources;
  • Business model information, including products or services sold, target market, and descriptions of marketing and sales efforts;
  • Number of jobs created;
  • Number of people employed annually; and
  • Funding types utilized.

Report: Catalog of Illinois Workforce Development-Focused Social Enterprises